Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Teeth and Eating Unit 3A

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I can collect the information I need.

·       I know the kinds of food a human should eat to stay healthy.

·       I know how much of these they need.

·       I know which foods give energy and which foods help our body to grow and repair.

·       I know what all different animals eat.

·       I can make all things the same in my investigations except the one I want to change.

·       I can decide how to use my results.

·       I know I must check my observations and measurements by repeating them.

·       I can use a bar chart or pictogram to show my results.

·       I know what my front teeth are for, and how their shape helps them to work.

·       I know what my back teeth are for and how their shape helps them to work.

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