Sports Health

Key areas for  scheme of work 

The Human body machine 

Ø Food  ( types, healthy food, safety with food, ) .

Ø AM Advertising and food choices: MacDonald’s on trial debate .

Ø Dental health – types and care of teeth (research, games, design  board games. 

Ø Some health conditions – Eczema, asthma, chickenpox, head lice, colds and Flu – what is it, symptoms, how do we catch it? how to treat etc. 

Ø People in science who discovered what, when? 

Ø Polluting the community dirty air, dirty, water, noise, litter. 

Ø Health check day – fluoride check, acid attack, calories check, hidden sugar, Body Mass Index (BMI) check.

Cross curricular 

Ø All about a sport e.g. dance, ice skating etc. Write a report. 

Ø History of the Olympic & Commonwealth games, timeline and features of each period .

Ø Avoiding sports injuries exposure to temperature, protective gears. Write an explanation text .

Ø Sports challenge day  obstacle stations , input/ output count count, joules count.  

Ø Visitor: Alternative therapist could visit to give a talk or make a presentation.  

Ø Diet day: cooking from recipes brought in. Design Challenge: design the healthiest food for a ten year old boy.

Science investigation planning sheet
Our question is:
Our science vocabulary:
       Although we already know that  
        Equipment we will need:
       We want to find out 
      To help answer our question, we take these steps:
      Our prediction is  
       We will record what is happening using
      We are keeping these factors the same
     We will work safely by
      We will change this single factor 
      We found out that
      We will measure
       We think this happened because
       We may need to observe
      We could improve our investigation next time by:

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