Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Solids, Liquids and how they can be separated Unit 4D

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:        

·       I know different ways solids and liquids are similar or different.

·       I know lots of different liquids and know what makes a liquid a liquid.

·       I have experimented with powders and similar solids and can explain how they behave like liquids.

·       I can use capacity measuring equipment and read the scales accurately.

·       I have experimented with different liquids and can explain how they keep their volume and change shape in different containers.

·       I can explain and keep record of what is happening.

·       I can use a table to show my results.

·       I know I must check my observations and measurements by repeating them.

·       I know how to change water into ice and make it into water again.

·       I know how to make chocolate liquid and make it solid again.

·       I can explain what is happening using my science knowledge.

·       I can explain melting, solidifying and freezing using my science knowledge.

·       I know what kind of things change and cannot be changed back.

·       I have used sieves to separate things of different sizes, including the different grains in soil.

·       I have experimented with different materials to find out what kinds of things will dissolve in water.

·       I know what a solution is and how to make one.

·       I can separate undissolved solids from a liquid. I know that this method is called filtration.

·       I know that sugar and salt dissolve in water; I can say how they can be separated from the water.

·       I can suggest what might happen and explain why.

·       I can decide what equipment I need for my investigation.

·       I can write clear accounts and explain my results using my scientific knowledge.

·       I think that the amount of sugar that will dissolve depends upon the temperature of the water. If it were hotter, more would dissolve.

·       I know that sugar dissolves more quickly in warm water and wonder if salt would do the same.

·       I can repeat the test using different substances, or liquids.

·       I can carry out all my investigations safely.

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