Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Keeping Warm Unit 4C

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:        

·       I know how to find out how hot or cold something is.

·       I can use a thermometer to measure temperature.

·       I can use the computer to measure temperature.

·       I have cooled hot water until the temperature is the same as its surrounding. I have found out how its temperature changes.

·       I have warmed up cold water to its surrounding temperature.

·       I can explain what is happening using my scientific knowledge.

·       I can keep a record of what is happening.

·       I can compare my results with other groups to see if there is any pattern in them.

·       I can test which is the best way to keep things cool or warm.

·       I can plan and carry out my test.

·       I can decide on what I am going to do, to use, to change and what to measure.

·       I make a graph of my findings.

·       I can say if my predictions are correct.

·       I can repeat my test to check my results.

·       I know which materials are thermal conductors or thermal insulators.

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