Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Forces (Friction) Unit 4E

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:        

·       I can use scales to measure mass accurately.

·       I can define a ‘newton’ and can use a Newton meter to measure force.

·       I can explain what ‘friction’ means

·       I can identify surfaces which will have high or low friction and explain why.

·       I have found out how the brakes on a bicycle work and can explain what happens to them when used.

·       I can explain how friction can be useful.

·       I know what water resistance means and can explain how the shapes of some objects can help them move easily in water.

·       I know what ‘air resistance’ mean.

·       I have experimented with dropping pieces of paper or cotton wool in different ways to find out how forces affect things.

·       I can use a stop watch.

·       I can decide what information I need to collect.

·       I can carry out a fair test and decide how to use my results.

·       I can repeat my tests and compare my results to see if there is a pattern.

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