Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Plants and Animals Unit 2B

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I have looked at the living things in an area nearby.

·       I have looked at plants that grow in an area nearby. I know some of their names and what they look like.

·       I have found out how one area nearby can be different from another one.

·       I have found out why some things live in one place and some things in another.

·       I have compared what kinds of animals live in one place and what animals live in another.

·       I do all these things safely.

·       I can explain how different animals change as they grow older.

·       I have grown or watched a plant grow, until it has flowers.

·       I know that the seeds that the flowers make grow into new plants.

·       I can complete a fair test with help from my teacher or TA.

·       I can compare the results in my tests.

·       I can say whether my guess is right from the results of my test.

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