Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Moving and Growing Unit 4A

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I know how my skeleton supports different parts of my body.

·       I can name different parts of my skeleton.

·       I have compared my skeletons and bones with those of other vertebrates.

·       I have compared the differences in the sizes of my bones with those of other people.

·       I know how my muscles support different parts of my body.

·       I have found out how bones and muscles help me to move.

·       I have studied my body to see which bones and muscles are used for different things.

·       I have compared my body with those of animals that have no backbones.

·       I have experimented to find out what happens to my muscles and body when I have been exercising.

·       I know that there are differences in bone sizes and want to find out more about this.

·       I can decide on what I am going to do, to use, to change and what to measure.

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