Monday, 2 April 2012

More About Dissolving Unit 6C

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I know what a solution is and how to make one.

·       I have experimented with different materials to find out what kinds of things will dissolve in water.

·       I have experimented to find out how much of different materials will dissolve.

·       I have used bar line graph to show and explain my results.

·       I have found out how to use filtering to separate a material that will not dissolve in water.

·       I have found out about how evaporating can be used to get a solid back after it has been dissolved.

·       I have used dissolving, filtering and evaporating to separate a mixture of sand, salt and water.

·       I have experimented with different volumes of water to get ‘saturated point’ for a solid.

·       I know I must check my observations and measurements by repeating them.

·       I know what sort of thermometer to use.

·       I know that sugar dissolves more quickly in water and wonder if salt would do the same.

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