Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Keeping Healthy Unit 5A

 Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I know which foods give energy and which foods help our body to grow and repair.

·       I know the kinds of foods a human should eat to stay healthy and how much of these they need.

·       I can plan a varied and balanced diet for a particular human.

·       I can decide what information I need to collect and how to present this.

·       I can explain the effects of exercise on my body.

·       I have experimented to find out what happens to my pulse after exercise and rest.

·       I know I must check my observations and measurements by repeating them.

·       I can write clear accounts and explain my results using my scientific knowledge.

·       I can use a table to explain my results.

·       I know how the design of the heart helps to pump blood around the body.

·       I have found out about arteries and veins and what they do.

·       I know how my skeleton supports different parts of my body.

·       I know how my muscles support different parts of my body and help me to move.

·       I know why the heart beats increase and the pulse rate is faster during exercise.

·       I have studied my body to see which bones and muscles are used for different things.

·       I know why tobacco is dangerous to humans.

·       I know why alcohol is harmful to humans.

·       I know how some drugs can be dangerous to humans.

·       I know the precautions I must take with medicines.

·       I can make all the things the same in my investigation except the one I want to know about.

·       I can use a line graph to show my results.

·       I can suggest what might happen and explain why.

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