Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Circuits and Conductors Unit 4F

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I can suggest ideas to investigate, which can be done in school and are safe.

·       I can explain why electrical objects will not work without a battery or when a wire is not connected.

·       I know all different materials, which will or will not conduct electricity.

·       I can explain what electrical ‘conductors’ or ‘insulators’ are.

·       I can investigate which materials allow electricity to pass through them.

·       I can explain why metal and plastic are used in different parts of an electrical devise.

·       I have made a circuit with a bulb, and a switch to control it. I can put the switch in different places in the circuit.

·       I have used different numbers of batteries and bulbs to make bulbs brighter or dimmer in a circuit.

·       I can make a circuit from a diagram containing a battery, bulbs, wires or buzzer and a switch.

·       I can suggest what might happen if the components in a circuit are changed and explain why.

·       I can make all things the same in my investigations except the one I want to know about.

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