Monday, 2 April 2012

Interdependence and Adaptation Unit 6A

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I have done an experiment with plants to see how light affects the way they grow.

·       I have seen how light, water and temperature affect the way plants grow outside.

·       I know why leaves are important for plants to make food.

·       I know that plants can make food, and I know what is important about photosynthesis.

·       I have found out about nutrients that plants get from the soil.

·       I have looked closely at roots of plants and seen how their shape helps them to hold a plant into the soil.

·       I have used inky water to see how water goes into a plant’s roots and its stem.

·       I have found out about the different animals and plants that live in different areas of the world.

·       I know what ‘adapted’ means.

·       I know how to draw a food chain to show what living thing is eating what in a given habitat.

·       I can use a key to find out the names of plants and animals in a local habitat.

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