Sunday, 1 April 2012

How We See Things Unit 6F

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I can explain how a shadow is formed.

·       I know what the words ‘transparent’, ‘opaque’ and ‘translucent’ mean.

·       I know why we can see things, like light bulbs, that give out light.

·       I can use diagrams and writing to explain how we see things.

·       I have experimented with different surfaces to find out which ones reflect light and which ones do this best.

·       I can use drawing to show how light is reflected and what happens when the light hits the mirror at a different angle.

·       I have watched an eye when it looks at bright light and found out what it does and why.

·       I can explain how to change the size or position of the shadow of an object.

·       I can suggest ideas to investigate, which are connected with work I have already done on light and shadows.

·       I know I must my observations and measurements by repeating them.

·       I can write clear accounts and explain my results using my scientific knowledge.

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