Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Grouping and Changing Materials Unit 2D

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I can put materials into groups that are similar in the way they feel.

·       I can put materials together that look similar.

·       I know where wood, paper, wool and rock come from.

·       I know the different ways that wood, glass, plastic and wool can be used.

·       I know the uses of lots of different materials and why they are best for the job.

·       I have found out which materials can change their shape when squashed and how their shape changes.

·       I have found out how bending and twisting can change the shape of some materials.

·       I have found out how different materials can be stretched.

·       I have made something from clay and can explain how it had changed after I heated it.

·       I have mixed ingredients to make a cake or biscuit and can explain how they had changed after I heated them.

·       I have seen ice melt and water change to steam and can describe what I saw.

·       I can test different ways in which ice can be made to melt more quickly.

·       I can use a table to show my result.

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