Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Forces and Movement Unit 2E

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I know the difference between a push force and a pull force and how they can be used to make something move.

·       I know how forces can make something move quicker or slower.

·       I have experimented with objects like balls, toy cars, swings and seesaws to make them move quickly and slowly.

·       I have used different forces to make things change direction.

·       I know how different forces can change the shape of a piece of sponge, plasticine, paper and elastic.

·       I can suggest ideas to test.

·       I sometimes guess what might happen.

·       I can guess accurately.

·       I can use my hands and my feet to measure.

·       I can begin to use a ruler to measure length.

·       I can say whether my test is fair.

·       I can draw tables to show what I do.

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