Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Changing State Unit 5D

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I have experimented to find out about some of the differences between ice, water and steam.

·       I know what happens when water ‘disappears’.

·       I have found out how other liquids evaporate.

·       I have investigated different conditions that can affect the rate of evaporation.

·       I have found out how to boil and also evaporate water and then change it back to water again.

·       I have found out about the water cycle. I know what ‘evaporation’ and ‘condensation’ mean in it.

·       I know the ‘boiling temperature’ and ‘freezing temperature’ of water.

·       I know how to change water into ice and make it into water again.

·       I know how to make chocolate liquid and make it solid again.

·       I can use a temperature sensor, and create a graph on the computer.

·       I can suggest what might happen and explain why.

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