Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ourselves Unit 1A

Assessment criteria and Learning outcomes:

·       I can sort objects or pictures into things that are alive or have never been alive.

·       I have looked at some living things and found out how they are the same and how they are different.

·       I have looked after a living thing and know what it needs to stay alive.

·       I have found out what humans do that are the same as other animals. I know that humans are animals.

·       I have watched a baby animal to see how it changes as it grows.

·       I have watched animals moving. I have found out about the different ways that animals can move.

·       I know what my eyes and my ears are for.

·       I know what my nose tells me about things.

·       I have found out about my sense of touch.

·       I have found out about my sense of taste.

·       I can draw a set of pictures for a chart to show my work.

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